Akash - Our focus in life

Thursday, July 31, 2008

he will be 6yrs in October....time flies people say and I believe in it.. 6yrs! We cannot imagine a world without him. He is our focus. Everything we do, from shopping to life's most important decisions he is there .....We go to buy vegetables..R says don't buy too many chillies and make the dish 'hot' Akash may not eat it..or shall we go to XYZ place for holidays? Does this place have enough attractions to keep Akash busy? Should we move back to India? Will Akash be able to cope with the competitive environment in schools..?so he is there everywhere..he does not know it.
half the time when I am at home I am either with him or in kitchen and when I wish to sit down with my hubby to talk Akash will sure say"why you always want to talk to daddy?" ufff...see dad's face for the reaction! Poor 'R' he has to wait for his turn to come again or else we date during lunch time....

Akash is our cloud, a cloud which brought us shower of love with him. He is our focus!


notyet100 said...

nice one,..can imagine...:-)

Sukanya said...

Very nice...I stumbled upon this blog of yours for the first time.

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