Few Creative gifts from a dear friend........

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A very creative friend of mine gifted these handmade gifts. Thanks dear for such lovely gifts.

Hand painted photoframe :


hand painted box


hand made mobile charms..


All of them together :


Few more creations of Akash

Monday, August 11, 2008

He got to know it is 'national friendship week' from school! for any occasion there has to be a gift and that is all he knows :) ! so he went upon making a flower for his friend (which is me :D) and a purse and a tag ..so take a look at them yourself!

we wanted to send Tulip for Vani's flower event but we missed the date line by 2-3 weeks ;) not bad at all right! :))

Here is where I learned Tulip :


a beautiful tulip in 2 mins! ........


Vani of My Creations taught us to make these lovely flowers..Thanks Vani aunty says Akash. He enjoyed making them. He made atleast 5 flowers with waste paper before he tried on color paper. We both made about 10 flowers..here is how it looked


two blue and one purple color flowers are made by Akash, rest of them are by me :) .

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