CNY Baskets

Monday, February 9, 2009

I truly appreciate Akash's teachers enthusiasm..Every festival has a new craft item ready which can be taken home..children enjoy making it and teachers enjoy working with them. Here comes two varieties of Chinese New Year (CNY) baskets in which they gave orange and few other goodies for children to take away. They are very easy to make take a look..

1.From Tissue Paper Box :
They have cut the Tissue paper box into two. The front side has the colored picture (colored by children) of OX which is the animal of the year. The other sides of the box is decorated with colored paper and glitter!

The next type of baskets are from used up pepsi/coke/ 1.5 litre bottles. Just stare at it to know the piece of art created by children! 
They have cut of upper 1/4 th portion f the bottle. The bottom 3/4 th part is again well used to create a they have cut them into strips (half of 3/4th part) and folded them on their back to give that exterior design. One of the strip is folded in such a way that it became a handle to hold the basket. voila! the basket to hold orange and goodies is ready...
They all go to Shama's Kid's Freindly Art event. Happy hosting Shama..

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